Thursday, May 5, 2011

So exciting! - A Shirt Brag Post


I wore my shirt to work today. I wore it tucked in to a skirt I rarely wear. And paired them with a new (to me) pair of kitten heels. The look is much more stylish than what I typically wear, mostly because the skirt is tucked in and sits at my belly button. I'm more of a safe, sit-on-the-hips kind of girl. But it's been fun to dress up today. I have gotten a lot of compliments. Most of them are on the skirt, but two people stopped me to say how great my outfit was in general. How exciting!? I rarely get complimented like that for what I wear, and to get compliments that encompass my entire outfit, including the shirt I made, is just amazing. I was so scared to put myself out there this morning. I didn't want to tell anyone I made the shirt. I was a little withdrawn and standoff-ish when I first got to work (I'm sure because I was uncomfortable). I was very guarded and scared. I'm an accountant. I'm not known as a creative person. But to put a creation of mine out there, and to have it accepted, and even praised... it's amazing.
I'm sorry for the post without a picture, but I'm playing "single mom" tonight while my dear husband works late, and I just won't be able to get a good shot. I will try to remember to recreate this outfit when my love is home to take the picture for me... maybe on Sunday... what better Mother's Day gift to myself than to wear a shirt I made for myself?!
Sounds like a plan!

***I want to take a second, once again, to thank Kelly for the amazing tutorial! And to thank all of the creative sewing blogs I've so recently come to love, for helping me build up the courage to try!***

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