Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Made A Purse!

The evolution of my blog stalking went something like this:

February 2010: Little man is born and I spend hours every day nursing him and reading about Susan's amazing journey from giving birth to running a marathon in 1 year. Her blog was recommended to me by a fellow runner on babyfit.com.

October 2010: I am introduced to the world of couponing. I find Hip 2 Save, The Grocery Game (not a blog, but a lifesaver for me), and possibly most importantly Thrifty Decor Chick. That was my jumping off point! For half a year I hopped around the world of decorating on a budget, meal planning, home organization, and crafting. I didn't have the means to do anything (thank you Dave Ramsey for giving me self control), and so I bookmarked. I have page upon page of projects that I would love to try! Some involved sewing, some paitning, some building, some crafting... but they were all things that spoke to me.

April 2011: I discover sewing blogs. Oh-em-gee! My love! Where have you been all my life?! I also borrowed my sewing machine from a friend this month.

May 2011: Oh wait, that's today.

So back in October, or near after, I came across Jaime's gem of a tutorial for her bias tape bag.  I bookmarked it, along with everything else, and went on my way.

Flash forward to this past weekend! For mother's day, I received gift cards to spend at fabric stores and I was in heaven! This is my first time to have more than $5 to spend on fabric at any given time. A quick browse through my saved projects and I knew what I was making...

{Jaime's bag!}

I can not recommend this tutorial enough. The purse it makes is great, and I have gotten so many compliments on it. It was easy enough for me to make, but challenging enough that I felt accomplished (that doesn't necessarily mean it was really challenging... hehe).

{My bag!}

Anyway, I knocked this out Sunday evening. It took a few hours, and I was able to take it to work Monday morning!

I wish I could tell you what fabrics I useds, but I only purchased 1/4 yards of each and when I looked, there's no fabric information on the sides. Both were purchased at Hancock's Fabrics.
I'm going to link this one up a few different places since I'm so darn proud of it! I hope y'all will all go visit Jaime and try out her great tutorial!

{Another of Jaime's bags!}



  1. i JUST asked everyone what the first blog they ever read was! how funny. for me it was centsational girl. too fun:)

  2. Love the purse. Good job:)