Friday, May 20, 2011

Interesting Use for a Snack Bag

Hello again!

So the other week I took my purse to work with me and it was great! Except... where exactly do I put my unmentionables? Yes, it was my lovely time-of-the-month, and I had no place to put the necessities so that they were not falling out of my purse every other second.

Remember the snack bag I made as a gift when I first started sewing? (If not, go look!) Well, I couldn't find the tutorial but I had a general idea of how I had done it so I took the lining fabric from my purse and got to work.


I love her! I say her, because I doubt my tampon-holder would be male... random thought. So anyway, I L-O-V-E her! In fact, I may love my purse even more with her in it. It holds 4 and blends in nicely. You don't really notice it, but it gives a firm bottom to the purse. Maybe I'll start actually carrying them on me all the time and being prepared for once in my life - who knows!?

So that's my quick project for the week! I haven't been completely lazy though, I did make a skirt two nights ago (which is now my new favorite skirt), but it is in the washing machine at the moment. Post and pictures to come!

***Also, yes I know the picture is crooked. It's not on my computer. I've checked it 37-gazillion times. But every time I upload it *poof* This makes me sad! Any ideas?

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