Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Child's Out-To-Eat Placemat

Hello everyone and happy hump day! I hope y'all are all having a great week!

This evening I finally finished off my second mother's day project! Mother's day in that I bought the fabric with mother's day gift money, not actually mother related at all... but I digress.

Introducing: My first creation for my son, a placemat for when we go out to eat!

I've been itching to make something for the little man for a while now and I'm excited with how well this came out. There were a lot of lessons on the way (did you know bias tape is smaller on one side than the other? You probably did, but I did not), but I am thrilled with the end result. I can't wait until Sunday when we go out to lunch after church so it can make its debut!

I used 2 fabrics from the Circus by L'Miss collection. The pocket fabric came from the remnants bin. The inspiration and tutorial came from Gwenny Penny. Thank you so much Gwen!

I love that it rolls up for easy transportation, and the adorable pocket for utensils!

I'm also thinking about making one for a friend of ours. We are planning to invite them to dinner, and I would like to make a placemat for their daughter!

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  1. Oh wow! What a good idea! I would LOVE to have one for my boy. By chance, do you have a way to make it "stick" to the table? Just wondering...

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. About training in 16 weeks for a marathon.. well, I will be doing SOME running during my "time off," so I expect to start with a base of being able to run 3-6 miles or so. And, yes, I will start out with it being somewhat challenging to run 10 miles! It actually feels good to me to get down to the "easy" level and work my way back up. :)

  2. FB friend me, if you want... my last name is Stout. My pic is of Isaac and I crossing the finish line! :)

  3. This turned out great!!! I LOVE the fabric you used... too cute :)

  4. This is an awesome idea, and I don't even have kids! :)