Saturday, May 14, 2011

Every Purse Needs A Wallet

 Welcome to my first original project!!! Ok, making a wallet isn't exactly original, but this is my own design. For the first time in my sewing life, I did not follow a tutorial I found on-line. Feel free to praise me. Ok done? Thanks! Now read ahead to see how I put the simple magnificent wallet together!

I showed y'all a few days ago the new purse I made. 

{Remember me?}

Can I mention again that I love it?! I really do! It's cute and fun and playful and so me! The only problem is that it is little and my wallet is, well, not. This has never been an issue for this huge-diaper-bag-toting momma, but cute-purse-carrying momma needs a new wallet.

I had some fusible interfacing leftover from making the placemat and some fabric leftover from making the purse. I had a few weeks sewing experience and a general idea of what a simple wallet might look like. And I had 30 minutes to kill, so what the hey!

I don't carry a lot with me, so I didn't need anything huge. I needed something small enough for the purse, but large enough to hold my zoo member card, my DL, my debit card, and my insurance card (in order of importance of course - yay zoo!). I also wanted to be able to hold a little bit of cash for when I don't feel like taking the entire envelope system shopping with me (Hi Dave!).

I spent a little time the other day mapping out what I would need to do. I made a sample out of paper so that I could work it out instead of trying to see it in my head. The paper was (of course) 8.5x11 inches, so that's what we're going to start with in fabric! See how I dumb things down for myself?

Supplies Needed:
9.5"x11" fabric
slightly smaller fusible interfacing (I had about an inch on each side, but this isn't necessary)
coordinating thread

The first thing I did was to iron on my fusible interfacing. Just place it in the center of your fabric, cover with a spare cloth (or fabric for your next project, whatever is lying around), and iron. I set the iron down for 10 seconds, lift up and repeat in a different spot until I have covered the whole piece. Then I iron it like normal on both sides. I'm not entirely sure this is "correct" but I can say that it works!

The next thing I did was to make my creases and press them in place. The whole wallet, when complete, will be 3" high.

After you get the basic shape pressed, top stitch across what will be become your pockets.

Now fold your wallet in on itself so that the pockets are on the inside and you see a solid piece of fabric. Run Stitch down the raw edges, with a 1/4" (ish) seam allowance.

Flip your wallet inside out and you now have the basic shape! Congratulations! Of course, I wouldn't put any money in the middle there... it might fall out the bottom!

The last step is to fold up the loose raw edge on the bottom. You want to fold this into the middle money pocket we created. Press in place. Now top stitch around the bottom and two sides and you're done! YAY!

I hope you enjoyed my first sewing tutorial! I apologize for the lack of pictures as I went through, but I was making it up as I went and didn't think to take any! If anyone decides to make a wallet using my tutorial, please let me know! Either leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at anestinthemaking {at} gmail {dot} com! I'd *LOVE* to see it!

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