Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Verse of the Week

Genesis 1:1

This verse speaks to me because I have recently begun (yet another attempt) to read the bible. I'm following the E Word Today plan to read the bible in a year. I chose to go from cover to cover... although since I don't own a bible in a version I like to read, it's more like "line to line" as I scroll down the iPhone. But I digress...

I actually started this yesterday, and so this is a verse I have read quite recently. It is such a simple verse. There's not a lot to read in to it. Not a lot to decipher. But WOW. I mean, it pretty much sums everything up.

In the beginning {ok, so this is the first thing that happened, got it!}
God created {God did it! 'Nuff said!}
the heavens and the earth. {so umm... everything!}

So ok, The first thing that happened is God made everything! How profound is that?! It all started with God.

And this reminds me, that whether things are great or not going so hot, I need to start with God. Give thanks, ask for help, but always turn to Him. He created everything, and he's available, so why WOULDN'T I go to him?

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