Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quick Update

I'm still here! And I am painting, painting, PAINTING!

Today the little man went to his Nana's so we have been painting all of the pretty baseboards we got, and the back door, and the office shelves. So busy! I also need to make a smash cake today because my little man's 1st birthday party is tomorrow! So basically my life has been revolving around party planning... but don't give up on us! More home transformations are coming!


  1. Hye Kristi, I haven't done a post on my Calendar/Bill Pay system, but it is on my schedule of upcoming posts, so be sure to watch for it.

    Everyday the Lord reminds me of how small our world is. Makes it easy to care for everyone and not just ourselves.

    I will tell you the calendar that I use is a scholastic year calendar (meaning it starts in August 2010 and ends in July 0f 2011. Hopyfully I'll be switching maybe at the end of this year by surviving the last five months of the year by using an excel spreadsheet to get by.

    I did notice at Target today they have a great family planner by mead (same makers of Five Star) that looks to be very similar to what I have now. That might work for you!

  2. Happy First Birthday to him!!!!

    Do you still want to meet up in Fort Worth?