Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend To Do: Reviewed

Ok, sorry for the late review, but yesterday was a very hectic day. Prayers would be appreciated for my mother who is in the hospital right now.

Here is what I intended to do:

To-Do Thursday:
Cook the ground beef and freeze
Clean fridge while that's cooking

To-Do Friday:
vacuumsweep floors
dress shopping

To-Do Saturday:
Quick dustmeal plan for next week

Thursday -
My dear husband cooked the ground beef for me! How nice was that?! This gave me the opportunity to clean the fridge (not done, but I got the door and all of those shelves cleaned up) and dust.

Friday -
A pretty crazy day. When I got home from work I was on the phone with the insurance people until it was time to go dress shopping... nothing accomplished! Ugh!

I did manage to vacuum when I got home though, and sweep up at least under the high chair where it was most needed.

Saturday -
Dusting was done, but I did not meal plan for the week. I really don't remember much of what I did, but I know we were busy!

So in general, not too shabby! I got everything done except for my meal plan. And since this is the first week I was going to try a meal plan, I don't think it's a huge loss that it wasn't done!

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