Thursday, January 20, 2011

House Wish List

I have a book I carry around with me with my “house wish list.” These are things I want to do to pretty up the place. Each room has a page, and each page is full of ideas. Some are things to do immediately (like I have the stuffs… just do it already!). Some are things to do asap. And some are just hope-to-do-one-days. I want to share my list with y’all, since my blog will mostly be checking off the list anyway. So here goes! And don’t’ be alarmed, this isn’t a “today” list, or even a “this year” list! I know this is going to take a while but you gotta have dreams, amiright?!

Paint cabinets
Clean sink
New countertops
New backsplash
Clean stove
Clean oven
Clean hood
Clean inside cabinets
Clean out drawers
Clean all vertical surfaces (cabinet/drawer faces, front of fridge, etc)
New cabinet/drawer pulls
Clean inside fridge
New window sill (ours is the same gorgeous fake butcher block laminate that is on the counters AND backsplash)
New switch/plug covers (white!)
Window treatment
Clean the floor
More shelves for the pantry
New (white) baseboards
Paint the pantry door/frame white

Dining room:
Window treatments
Paint & finish my gorgeous hutch!
Paint window sills
New (white) baseboards
New switch/plug covers (white!)

Living Room:
New (white) baseboards
New switch/plug covers (white!)
Paint back door
Touch up wall paint
Finish mantle
Wall art
Can lights
New fan
Crown molding
Sell oversized arm chairs
Get small storage/seating bench
Window treatment for door
Carpet re-stretched (1/21/11)

New (white) baseboards
New switch/plug covers (white!)
Crown molding
Door window treatment
Paint mirror
Paint door frame (white)
Clean floors

New (white) baseboards
New switch/plug covers (white!)
Crown molding
Touch up wall paint
Paint cabinets
Put up cabinet frame (taken down the last time the plumbers were out to tear up the floor)
Fix carpet (1/21/11)

Hall Bath:
New (white) baseboards
New switch/plug covers (white!)
Clean bath tub
New tile (shower & floor)
New sink/counter
Paint vanity white
New knobs
Clean faucets
Paint door/frame

New (white) baseboards
New switch/plug covers (white!)
Paint door/frame
Drop router cable @ outside wall
Move router to shelf
Move table to corner
Wall art
Window treatment
Closet door drapes
Organize closet
Memo board
Braden’s chalk board
Mail station
Paint window sill
Desk cord covers (Velcro fabric to back wall)
Cord wraps for cords to upper shelves

Master Bedroom:
Paint doors/frames
New plug/switch plate covers
Window treatment
Paint windowsill
Wall art
Bed! (we sleep with our mattress & box spring on the ground)

Master Bath:
Paint vanity
Paint window sill
Base boards
Tile borders (where the tile hits the vanity and the carpet there are gaps! Ick!)
Clean the shower
Clean shower door
Tighten fixtures (my TP holder doesn’t hold TP!)
Plug switch plates
Window treatment
New sink/vanity
Clean faucets

Baby’s room
Paint windowsill
Paint doors/frames
Wall art (it fell when we put the shelves in the office/playroom)
New plug/switch plates
Clean in general! Ugh! So much stuff!
organize closet

Front porch/yard
paint front door (don’t remember if we’re done or not)
new light (or patch the hole in the base of our old light)
door mat

Back porch/yard:
Fix plexiglass on cords
Paint doors
Fix chimney

Laundry Room
New white baseboards
Paint door frame
New (white) garage door
Décor (something small but cute for me!)

So there you have it! Unless my dear husband adds more to the list!

And lest you think I'm over-exerting myself already...
1) we already have the baseboards for the living room, hallway, entry and master bath. They just need to be painted
2) we have the can lights for the living room
3) we have the cable to drop in the office, just a matter of doing it
4) we have the paint for the back door
5) the cleaning just needs to be done (no excuses... nothing to buy)
6) we have the new knobs for all the cabinets, but to be honest I might wait until we paint to put them on the get the big (ta da! effect).
7) we have the paint to get the window sills
8) we have touch up paint for the walls in the living room and hallway
9) we have the ability to put up the cabinet frame in the hallway... just haven't done it
10) we have the ability to tighten the knobs in the master bath... just haven't done it.

So that's more than 10 things on the list (ie. cleaning is on the master list like 30x) that could be done right this second if I had the time. So it's not so bad!

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  1. That is quite a list! And we are currently sleeping with the box springs on the floor, also. Long story...

    I would be honored to meet you in Fort Worth. How about at the Cowtown Expo on Saturday afternoon when I arrive?