Sunday, January 16, 2011

From Dream to Reality...

Well...we're getting there! I won't have a grand "reveal" for a while because there is just SO much work that needs to be done to this room (and the house in general). But so you don't have to stay in suspense much longer, here we go!

My dream:

My reality (so far):

(The GORGEOUS floating shelves my lovely father-in-law threw together in about 15 minutes... I swear he can make anything)

(Pardon the mess... Mr. IT needs room to work)

And so, instead of a "Before" and "After" I give you a "Pretty-paint-drawing-of-what-I-want" and "What-I-got!"


Not too shabby for my first project (if I don't say so myself... which I do...)!

To Do List:

Paint shelves and windowsill (white)
Install new (taller & white) baseboards
Put router up on shelf (need longer cord)
Make memo board
Make chalkboard for the little dude
Re-upholster chairs
Learn how to upholster chairs (heh...)
New (less black) drapes
Hide cords behind computer desks
Hide cords dangling from new GORGEOUS floating shelves

And that's it... at least that I can think of now. And maybe a rug... I have a nice black shag rug that could work, but I may need to cut it down. I'm thinking of going with a circle theme (for my sculpture) and cutting the rug (LOL) into a circle might be a good addition. We'll have to see, but for now... SO HAPPY!
Make sculpture piece for long empty wall (this is going to be awesome! can't wait to share!)


  1. I want to borrow your father in law. He whipped those up? WOWZA!! Your final looks JUST like your planning drawings. Great job!

  2. Isn't he great?! I want to learn how to use all the tools too... he has anything you can imagine. He did let me do some of the cuts with the hand saw, and the hubby was on nail-gun duty. But it was all his thing. I said "I think we should get floating shelves" and he said "well come over we'll make them real quick." And so we did.