Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Me? A Sponsor?

Ok, I'm in tears. I'm at work and I'm in tears. I was just reading over at The Gypsy Mama (yes I know it's from September... I'm a newby blog addict!) and my heart is fluttering in my chest. I can't give monetarily. I am going through a difficult time "living like no one else so that later I can LIVE like no one else!" and GIVE like no one else. But for now I'm sticking to what I can. I tithe (don't judge but this is new to us... and what a blessing it has been). I've also been giving of my new found couponing skills (free toothpaste and dish soap to the lady who watches Braden... I was surprised how grateful she was). On top of that, I have been giving on my home. I am decluttering, and taking bag upon bag to the Benevolance Center up at church. But now, I'm on the phone with Compassion waiting to speak with a representative on how I can become a child correspondant. This is so exciting!

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